September 17th 2016

Conscious Crew At Lucky Festival

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Conscious Crew At Lucky Festival

Our Heroes In Orange

Your safety is our number one priority, and each year we work tirelessly to achieve our goal of making our festivals the safest they can be. One of the most important components to each and every show is Conscious Crew, our elite team of safety volunteers dedicated to ensuring everyone is doing OK from start to finish. This team of awesome individuals will be present throughout the festival and is there to help you or anyone else in need, judgement free.

While we may have an amazing team on call to help in a moments notice, it is important to be personally accountable for your actions while enjoying our grand New Year’s Celebration. Being prepared, staying hydrated, taking personal responsibility, looking out for others are just some of the things you can do to ensure your time is sublime. Remember the tenants of #TheMessage and together lets make this Resolution Festival the safest one yet.

Learn About #TheMessage

Look Out For One Another

If you or anyone around you has an emergency at FreakNight Festival and need immediate help, get a hold of the nearest Conscious Crew member or venue security. Apart from our amazing team of volunteers, a full medical team will be on hand to help with anything, no questions asked.

Remember, under Washington State law, you can not get in trouble for getting help. PLEASE stop and help those in need, and alert the nearest Conscious Crew member to your situation.

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