September 17th 2016

Guest Services At Lucky Festival

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Guest Services At Lucky Festival

Guest Services mission:

To listen, understand, acknowledge advocate for you, to create a conscious experience within our events, and dance music community.

Conscious Exp Vision:

With passion, understanding, & with creativity, positive inclusion – we unite to cultivate a Conscious Experience throughout all of our dance music community.

Your experience is our top priority, and each year we gladly work tirelessly to achieve our goal of making your experience at our events a Conscious Experience. We are your direct connection to USC Events, advocating for your voice. One of the most important components to each and every shows are your experiences, our elite team of USC Guest Services are dedicated to ensuring everyone is able to have the customer experience they deserve. With the celebrated diversity of our team consisting of incredible individuals, we are able to connect & relate to any customer that may need our assistance. Our will always be present at USC Events, approachable & accessible to help enhance your overall experience through ADA, Coat, Customer, Digital, Info, Locker, Lost & Found, & Ticket Services.

While we strive to ensure your experiences are up to our standards, individual customer issues & concerns that arise are always listened to, acknowledged & resolved as swiftly as they can be. We take feedback and integrate it into every show, continuously improving with your feedback, to create your Lucky Festival #ConsciousExperience.

Guest Services At Lucky Festival

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